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jeudi, 18 septembre 2008

Le Chinglish c'est trop marrant

Dans un article récent (Article_TOI_Why Hinglish will beat Chinglish_310808.pdf,) une journaliste, qui simplifiait un peu en faisant de tous les Indiens les héritiers du sanscrit mais passons, expliquait pourquoi l’Inde ne se ferait pas voler par la Chine son titre incontesté de leader mondial des call centers (trop bien!).

Et c’est parce que les Indiens parlent mieux anglais que les Chinois. Et c’est quand même bien vrai. Même si ils se sont approprié l’anglais à leur manière (voir notamment a l’Hinglish, simple mixte anglais-hindi (bien pratique pour comprendre les Bollywoods)). Beaucoup d’Indiens ne parlent pas un anglais de qualité parce qu’ils traduisent instinctivement leurs phrases en Anglais, ce qui est souvent rigolo. Comme lorsque je traduis littéralement des expressions françaises pour Shiv, du genre « you give me the hand, I want the arm »…


Mais il paraît que c’est encore plus rigolo en Chinois ! Voilà par exemple des panneaux que l’on peut trouver en Chine, devant les toilettes :

- Go Into the Toilet Beard Know

- The service object of this toilet is limited by a person only.

- The toilet provides only into the toilet place, the dissatisfied foot goes into the toilet to have a bowel movement outside of other request.

- The one who go into toilet want to take good care of toilet facilities, strictlying forbid to move this toilet tool to did it touse.

- Go into the toilet beard to place excrement the tool is intestablishment inside, cannot spread to leak.

- The one who go into toilet cannot clamour loudly. The in order to prevent make other go into toilet is frighten.

- Go into toilet and cannot will boil to make food to take isedible into this toilet, the in order to prevent break good go into toilenvironment.

- Can not move bowels in the urine the pond.

- Please read this beard to know hard into the toilet and act according to carry on.


Et voici d’autres exemples, du site engrish.com.

- Sign at a counter of China Eastern Airlines. Check in animals and alcoholics, passengers may carry 2 bottles wine.

- Sign in a garden. Little grass is having rest, don’t disturb them.

- Sign in a garage. If you are stolen, call the police at once.

- Sign at a river. Take the child, fall into water carefully.

- Space for rent: Please inform office if you are interesting.

- Sign at a cliff. Be careful the safe. No jumping.

- Sign at river. Take care to fall into water.

- Sign at a clothes shop. Kids swear.

- Sign on a wall. Dying right here is strictly prohibited.

- Sign in East China Hotel, regarding stoppage of water in taps. We are awfully sorry for the convenience to you. Thank you for your uncooperation.

- Sign at cliff: Care for life, do not fun.

- Sign near a low roof. Bump the head care sully

- Sign at a railway platform. Please don’t cross any railings lest suddenness happens.

- Sign at an airport. Pregnant woman over 70 and disabled people lounge.

- Sign at a hotel. Please present your voucher before breakfart.


Some signboards have inadvertent sexual connotations:

- Poster for body cream: Whitening peeling cream, removes horniness.

- Sign at a pond. Please do not feed the fish with your privates.

- Poster outside a shop. Pleasanty surprise of groping.

- Sign in a store. May your satisfaction sincerely aroused by me.

- Piano teaching manual. Piano Teachers’ Intercourse Book.

- Sign at a park. No kicking of balls.

- Sign in a store. Please don’t touch yourself. Let us help you try out.

- Sign in a department store. Rear-service Department.

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